Owner surprised by the transformation after painting

Owner surprised by the transformation after painting

Introducing a single-story house located in Tawa, with an area of 113 square meters. The homeowners are an elderly couple who recently scheduled a meeting with John to inspect their house and ask some questions.

The meeting went smoothly on a Saturday morning, and after inspecting the house, John had a comprehensive understanding of the area and the condition of the house, as well as the homeowners’ requirements. A quote was quickly provided to the customers on the same day, and after around 5 days, they agreed to the quote. We then scheduled the work to be carried out on a sunny day at the beginning of the week.

The client chosen Resene Black White for the Sofit, Fascia, Windows/Frame, and Doors/Frame. For the weatherboards, concrete, and chimney, they selected Resene Amallido.

The following is an account of what happened during the painting process of this house. We invite you to follow along.

First of all, please take a look at some pictures of this house before painting.

On the first day, the painters will start by spraying Mould & Moss killer and then waterblasting.

Due to the good condition of the existing paint surface, our painters chose the method of light scraping in necessary areas. Then, we filled up any holes. The next step is to sanding whole house.

The next step is to treat rust, caulking, and spot primer. After completing all the preparation work, our painters will proceed with painting the Soffit and Fascia.

Some pictures of our team applying the first coat of paint to the weatherboards

After completing the first coat, we continued to apply the second coat to the weatherboards. Then, we painted the concrete, chimney, doors, and windows.

John Tieu

4 Seasons Painting Ltd