About Us: 4 Seasons Painting is an established, reliable commercial building and house painting company working across the Wellington region

Hi, I’m 4 Seasons Painting

Painting is one of the easy ways to improve the overall attraction of your house. A new look of painting can turn any sparse works into the spectacular ones with the brushwork from the painters of 4 Seasons Painting.

What is the difference from 4 Seasons Painting?

Not like other house painting companies on the market, 4 Seasons Painting was born with the only motto: PAINTING SERVICE FOR RESIDENTIAL HOUSES, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL ONES

With the orientation of becoming the leading residential house painting company in Wellington and years of experience in the part of residential house painting, 4 Seasons Painting staff are proud of building up the most special formula helping to renew your tiring house at the minimum cost.

The other advantages of 4 Seasons Painting

  • The online account is provided to the clients in order to monitor the process (first ever in New Zealand)
  • Prompt quotation
  • Local trusted and experienced painting workers
  • Our professional trained artists
  • No hidden cost. It includes all expenses for paints, materials and labor
  • We tidy up after finishing the work, and you won’t have to hire the services tidying up the mess
  • And more advantages

Great price

“Very fast and efficient – super hard workers. Good quality job\finish. Great price..”

Excellent service

“Are you browsing over the internet to search for low cost, as well as excellent service providers when it comes to commercial painting services in Wellington? I got in touch with 4 Seasons Painting and I got solutions to all my requirements.”