Painting Price of 4 Seasons Painting Service

Below is the reference price when you use the high quality house painting service from 4 Seasons Painting

  • Exterior house painting: for 100m2 from only $5000
  • Interior house painting:  for 80m2 (and above), from only $2.800
  • Roof Painting: for 100m2, from only $8900

(*Observant: This price does not include GST and scaffolding rental cost)



10% discount for exterior and interior painting and roof painting, … 

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House Painting Service in New Zealand and Painting Price

At 4 Seasons Painting, we are committed to bring you the best quality at the cost you spend out

Are you looking for a reputable house painting service in New Zealand ? With a package painting service and professional painting process – 4 Seasons Painting is the perfect choice for your house. With the mid-season sale when using the Interior & Exterior Painting ,you will receive a 10% discount on the cost.

The Disadvantage of not finding out clearly about House Painting Services

Today, there are many companies in the market that take advantage of the wrong conception about the market prices of customers to make money. We often forget to learn carefully about the quality of painting services. Behind these bad services, there may be some unexpected traps.

  • The painting team is not professional as their skills are below average. Besides, there is a lack of technical knowledge, unprofessional working forces, and detrimental skills to create perfect paint patches.
  • Their working quality cannot guarantee both features and durability such as the paint color lacks sophistication and harmony, paint layer is not flat, and seepage.
  • Sometimes, they can even skip the most fundamental stages as being negligent, undercutting and constructing not under the original contract.
  • Service quality is not guaranteed, such as the colors on the walls do not match with each other, the paint array is not harmonious, or there are tiny holes on the surfaces.
  • They may omit some essential painting processes. Any work is your responsibility and can be expensive! Sometimes, the consequences are even more serious if the damage occurs in the common areas of a building.
  • Warranty, after-sales service or any discount promise are often neglected when an incident quickly happens, including on construction sites.
  • Delayed construction and slow progress that affect the customers badly. For example, for exterior or roof painting works, you must pay the rental fee for the scaffolding.
  • Besides the initial payment for the scaffolding, you also have to pay an additional weekly fee for the equipment-provided company. Therefore, the delay in construction will affect the customer’s finances.

In results, any painting work requires professional knowledge and attitude. If the painter who works with you is a declared professional, he will take care of all the work faster and more efficient. 4 Seasons Painting comes to solve your problem!

4 Seasons’ House Painting Services

House painting prices are affected by many different factors such as the condition of the old paint layer, area to be painted, type of paint, etc. To choose an excellent painting service, several solutions are available to you. You can contact a company who will send a painter to your home for the work.

The advantage of this solution is that a company usually works with several technicians. They have a lot of material and, above all, they can send the right professionals to your home depending on the work to be done.

4 Seasons Painting is a professional house painting service provider in New Zealand. Depending on your project, our business managers will offer you qualified painters from your region. You will benefit from high-quality services. We offer quality services and adapt to the needs of their customers.

Interior/Residential Painting

Interior Painting

4 Seasons Painting will give a fresh look to your home. Our professionals take your projects in the most serious way and offer personalized service to complete your work.

We promise you quality work without compromising on cleanliness that will install protections on your furniture and floors. The results of 4 Seasons Painting will meet your needs. Our prices also balance your budget and deadlines.

Our company provides excellent services for painting a house such as plasterer. The tasks of our painting team in New Zealand will meet all expectations. The operation and method combined with long-lasting experience will give your premise a beautiful coating!

With our services, you are ready to give a new life to your interior and say goodbye to any tarnished wall or fainted ceilings. Following our works, we will properly innovate the interior or exterior paint with excellent durability for the upcoming years.

Exterior Painting

If your exterior weatherboard peeling, 4 Seasons Painting offers the ultimate exterior painting services. Once your choice of colour has been decided, we will prepare the surface to be painted for maximum durability. We only use premium paint that is resistant to any harsh condition. It ensures our results to exceed your expectations and long-lasting through years.

Exterior Painting

4 Seasons Painting will also offer you the full-pack service for your exterior painting works within any residential areas. Besides innovating the living environment, the flexible and managerial schedules of our painters will allow you to continue your daily routine with no interruption.

We will not interfere with your common living area or private rooms. Instead, our managers will determine your house structures. Then, our works will maintain and regain the youth of the surfaces without having to make any effort. You can trust our team of painting experts . Whether you need an interior or exterior paint job, 4 Seasons Painting is always ready!

Roof Painting


Roof painting service at 4 Seasons Painting ensures to give your house roof an excellent protective layer of paint, quality and safety for long-term use. Besides, our teams also specialize in painting old roofs into new ones with beautiful and long-lasting colors. Our company will bring you a lot of surprises. From dedicated service style to the most professional and quality service, please come to us to experience the most advanced painting technology.

Cedar Painting

The demand for wood furniture painting services at home today is significant. Over a long period of use, the cedar material will peel off the paint, fade the paint color and lose its aesthetic appearance. Now, you need a reputable service to change the color of your cedar wall.

Due to aesthetic needs, it is necessary to repaint to suit the interior space. 4 Seasons Painting comes with a team of engineers, skilled painters in painting and repairing painted surface is always ready to serve you.

Painting Price of 4 Seasons Painting Service

Below is the reference price when you use the high quality house painting service from 4 Seasons Painting

  • Exterior house painting: for 100m2 from only $5000
  • Interior house painting:  for 80m2 (and above), from only $2.800
  • Roof Painting: for 100m2, from only $8900

(*Observant: This price does not include GST and scaffolding rental cost)

At 4 Seasons painting we provide many additional services for customers such as Cedar Painting; Plasterer; Paint Stripping & Water Blasting. Please contact us immediately to receive the most detailed and accurate quotation

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Why should you choose a 4 Seasons painting service from New Zealand ?

4 Seasons Painting Limited comes with the mission of providing professional residential painting services. We will solve all the needs of customers about house painting services and give advice on suitable and quality paint samples. The 4 Seasons Painting team is the benchmark in residential and commercial painting.

High-Tech Application

At 4 Seasons Painting, we only use premium products that offer the best durability and facilitate the maintenance of your residential and commercial projects. We also give our clients the product best suited to your premises.

The special feature of the services in our company is the “Online Tracking” feature. Thus, customers can closely monitor the progress of projects when they are not on sites. It is a timesaving solution that you will not have to spend time to monitor, test and experiment directly.

With this feature, we want to solve the following problems: transparency, closely monitor each stage, and feel the day-to-day change of our house. In particular, the “Online Tracking” feature not only helps customers but also helps the management team. It gives a hand for our managers to know the progress, deciding the labor forces and optimizing the cost of scaffolding hiring.

Useful Consultants and Advice

In addition, in order to meet the needs of an affordable and quality house painting service, our unit does not just stop at the position of providing painters. Our company also provides perfect consulting solutions that are suitable for all constructions and housing projects.

We regularly update new house painting trends, synthesize and distill the quintessence from real life simultaneously. So, our services have an excellent flexibility to grasp the needs and budgets of customers.

Which paint to choose for the bedroom? What color to favor in the dining room? What type of paint for the bathroom? Besides carrying out your work in the best possible way, our professional painters will advise you on the type of paint to choose, the application of an undercoat or the tasks to be carried out before applying the paint.

Satisfying Results

Choosing a qualified painting service means having the guarantee that we will carry the work out in the best conditions. Unlike black painters, 4 Seasons painting service from New Zealand have all the equipment to carry out the work without risk for installations and people. Because we are qualified, our professionals offer quality services. The result is always up to your expectations.

Our team of meticulous and skillful painters is always on point and hopes to implement your work efficiently and fastly. We take all your requirements into account and listen to your requests carefully.

Whether the working surface is a terrace, brick, aluminum, doors and windows, a bedroom, steel or wrought iron, we come to paint all interior and exterior surfaces with the best results. From these points of view, our company team will offer the most suitable solutions. The principal purpose is to bring a beautiful living space, save costs, and meet customer satisfaction perfectly.

Our motto is:

We always desire to bring out the splendid, luxurious, safe and sustainable living space to our customers.

Best Deals of the Year

Calling on professionals of 4 Seasons Painting also means choosing painters covered by insurance. What is essential? If a moonlighting painter damages your home or injures himself, you are responsible. If you contact a certified painter and above all declared, then their insurance will cover any incidents.

At 4 Seasons Painting, we take your projects with the highest responsibility and we will support you from the head to toe. Our primary goal is meeting your advanced expectations. Our service regularly sends customers the best deals, especially now applying a strong mid-season discount – 10% off for indoor and outdoor painting orders

The construction process is always quick and complete according to the signed contract. Clean after completing, handing over and tracking online (first time appearing in New Zealand). Please contact us to discuss your ideas, it will delight us to consult and carry out your work at the best price in New Zealand. Choosing 4 Season Painting service is a wise choice.

Our Commitment

4 Seasons Painting offers the most satisfied exterior and interior painting works. Our working field expands to residential, commercial, and even industrial projects. We have a team of experienced painters to give a result that exceeds your expectations. We also offer attractive deals every year for our loyal customers.

Our company also provides the most trusted consulting services for professional house painting with the most reasonable prices. There are no additional costs incurred because the cost includes materials, tools, and painters.

We provide reports when completing each stage with pictures or video clips and detailed descriptions. From there, the painting process will be transparent. During our works, we only use premium material for our paint guns or brushes. We guarantee to ensure the customers have a long-lasting and high-class finish. Your satisfaction is our mission and we promise a premium job for you.

Contact Us

When working with 4 Seasons Painting for your commercial and residential painting projects, we offer a superior finish and courteous service at the most reasonable price. Our team only focuses on your needs and will ensure to meet all your requirements.

  • Address: 5B/76 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011
  • Phone number 1: 0223101987 (Lyn Dinh)
  • Phone number 2: 0211841090 (John Tieu)
  • E-mail:



10% discount for exterior and interior painting and roof painting, … 

- Do not let this attractive promotional opportunity drift away from your hands. 
- Do not hesitate to contact us or share this attractive promotion to your friends and family.

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